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how to follow a new bmw from order to shipping and to having purchased two new bmws myself i have been in situations where i looked up several resources on how to track my new bmw from its early ordering stages to production status ship tracking how to track a new bmw order ehow uk ordering a new bmw can be an exciting event from the time you plan and order the car to the time that you receive it to help ers learn more about what stage of production their new car is in bmw offers online order tracking bmw ownership bmw prides itself on delivering first class customer support visit us today to discover our customer support offers specifically designed for bmw owners tracking a new car babybmw hi everyone just got an email to confirm my car was built and is now sat at the german port ready to be shipped assuming to immingham does anyone know if you can track the order i have the chassis number if that helps at all tracking a new build page 1 bmw general pistonheads i ve been tracking my m140i pretty much daily it s landed in the uk you need your order number from the dealer ce you have that go to the bmw configurator and start building a car tracking your bmw from order to delivery bimmerfile over the years we ‘ve detailed the process for european delivery but never actually talked about the standard ordering process for the us so as my 1m nears the us shores we figured it would be a good time to detail how best to track your european made bmw from order to delivery the ordering ultimate guide to bmw tracking order and delivery tracking my bmw 335i 1 first you ll need the vehicle "vin" number from your dealer or a vehicle production number as soon as the dealer officially orders the car through the bmw allocation system they ll the vin number and then you tracking new bmw delivery bimmerforums hi i have a new bmw 520d touring on order to be delivered in the next couple of weeks the usa bmw website there is a "my account" option and if you follow this through you can track your new bmw through the various manufacturing stages and even onto the ship for delivery uk track order f30mmerpost i also wondered how bmw customers in na could so accurately track their order usually the dealer will be able to give dates in ranges of one working week

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