How Long Do Bmw Last

The BMW X3 has history and enduring desirability on its side in the immensely popular SUV sector which shows no sign of contracting but continues to expand
how long do bmw s usually last quora it is all about how you look after and treat the bmw i have seen some x5 and x7 with 150 000 miles and plus so they can last long time also the 8 series and 7 series last a long time with the big m3 and m5 and m6 if you high rev them don t look after them they can have faults with the engine and also turbo bmw 3 series questions do bmw s last long cargurus how long does engine last on 92 325i 11 answers i am planning to an 325i but due to a low bud i have to pick from a 92 325i which is in good condition and runs smooth but the engine has 200k miles on it i would like to know if the car wo how many miles average do bmws last car forums and how many miles average do bmws last i drive my bmw hard almost every i guess i have a lot of fun ahead of me according to all these long running beemers by how long do bmw m3 s usually last quora properly maintained they last decades there are still a lot of original 1980’s e30 m3s in decent condition and the ones that don’t survive are usually thrashed how long can the bmw straight six last bmwblog with emissions regulations and fuel economy restrictions how much longer can bmw continue to make the straight six engine bmw how many miles does the average bmw last currently the oil change intervals are every 15 000 miles to date the longest lasting bmw i have seen had 200 000 but it was a vehicle that needed maintenance often it is all in how you drive your car and how you keep it if you change the oil every 3000 5000 miles a car can last up to 300 000 400 000 miles how long should brake discs last front brake discs and pads replaced by bmw 18 honest john ask honest john how long should brake discs last how long should honest john s good garage

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