are Bmw Good Cars

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are bmws reliable cars bmwblog there is good reason for many peoples fear of german cars in general but generally … bmws a bad reputation for reliability and quite unfairly there is good reason for many peoples fear of german cars in general but generally bmw and mercedes have been pretty solid cars and at least used to have a good reputation how reliable are bmw cars an honest assessment bmw is one of the most sought after premium brands in the world blending power and performance with sporty appeal bmw are sophisticated classy and pretty much everything you would want in a car but there is one mark against their reputation that they just can’t shake off their reliability bmw reviews being based on the best junior exec is a good start this car is a belter are bmw good cars quora bmw makes very good overall cars on a scale of 1 10 with 10 being highest bmw would mostly 8 9 s other cars would score lower and higher in various categories they are faster cars more practical cars better handling cars bmw makes the best overall vehicles you a decent to nice sized trunk good handling fortable ride and seats etc mercedes gives you more luxury with smaller trunks etc… audi falls behind in handling caddilacs offer year end clearance sales etc… lexus audi bmw or mercedes which should you if you’re in the market for a premium german car choosing between the top contenders can be tough we explain what each brand is about audi bmw and mercedes names we all know brands we all are bmw cars good cars bmw was a great car until the e36 came down the pike with all kinds of problems the 2002 s e28 s and the e30 s were the best cars they ever made but now they are nothing but problem cars with huge repair bills anything in the interior after 1993 falls apart in a hot climate i just looked at a 6 year old bmw and the whole headliner is falling down like all of the cars i m looking at this has been a mon problem with bmw s since the e36 came out in 1992 and you would think by now bmw 3 series is the best car for making a good first the bmw 3 series is the car for you german favourite is best at making drivers appear more attractive a bmw suggests owner has good taste but isn t necessarily wealthy a clean interior and driving well are the best ways to impress people incredibly of men said they felt stronger for this car than their partner

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