Sally – Hidden Story Names and Analysis



Sally – Hidden Story Names and Analysis

  • The first name of Sally leads you to assume considerable responsibility and to prefer to work independently, without direction or interference from others because you have very definite ideas of your own.
  • Your mind is quick to comprehend and you can be depended upon to do any job well.
  • Because you tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, you might insist on doing too many things yourself instead of delegating jobs to others who might do less satisfactory work.
  • This name does make you quite direct and straight-to-the-point.
  • Your verbal expression does not reflect your inner thoughts and feelings, and you often wonder why people react to what you say.
  • The influence of this name does not promote the friendship that you desire or the relaxation and naturalness you should enjoy with people.
  • It is a name that makes you far too practical and serious-minded, and makes it difficult for you to act with spontaneity.
  • You could suffer physically through head tension, with eye, teeth, or sinus problems, headaches, or mentally through worry.
  • The name Sally creates the urge to be creative and original, but we draw to your attention that the name causes a superior, interfering quality that tends to resent the opinions of others.
  • This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses or accidents to the head, worry and mental tension.

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